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RENOVITE®, a synthetic nanoclay gel scaffold for effective localised tissue regeneration

RENOVITE®, a synthetic nanoclay gel scaffold for effective localised tissue regeneration

Nanoclay Technology Platform

Stem cells can cure a variety of conditions by regenerating tissue. They are activated by powerful biochemical molecules from within their local microenvironment. Localising and retaining these bioactive molecules close to a healing site is key to the safety and efficacy of regenerative medicine applications. However, conventional biomaterials are often poor at retaining these molecules at the site of injury, and the molecules that stimulate the cells diffuse away.

For decades, clays have been used in tablets to control drug release through their molecule binding properties. For instance, these binding properties ensure that molecules stay localised, which is essential to directing the activity of stem cells.

Renovos has developed an innovative solution to molecule diffusion based on synthetic nanoclay gels, RENOVITE® .
RENOVITE® provides a localised environment conductive to cell attachment and infiltration, acting as a scaffold. RENOVITE® can also localise and retain molecules, which can be used at ultra-low effective doses. Cells infiltrating the RENOVITE® gel get exposed to these molecules which direct their activity, and the scaffold is gradually replaced with newly regenerated tissue.

Renovos is pioneering the use of nanoclays for medical applications

Our RENOVITE® nanoclay platform ensures localised concentration and release of biologics, drugs and cells, enhancing safety and efficacy of these agents for regenerative medicine and tissue regeneration.

Our first product, RENOVITE® BMP-2 gel, an orthobiologic, is aimed at orthopaedic applications (spinal fusion, bone defects, ankle surgery) for effective, localised bone formation.

RENOVITE® BMP-2 gel offers injectable delivery and retention of Bone Morphogenic Protein 2 (BMP-2), released only to in-growing cells for increased safety and efficacy at ultra-low doses.

We are also working on dental and wound healing applications as part of our pipeline.

RENOVITE® for effective localised new bone formation

rotating spine showing precise injection

Key advantages of RENOVITE® nanoclay technology:

Safety of biologics

reduced ectopic and/or non-specific effects

Ease of use

clay particle self-assembly allows for minimally invasive, injectable delivery and in-situ gelation

Efficacy of biologics

sustained localised concentrations and preserved bioactivity


allowing for co-delivery of agents and spatial complexity through simple mixing procedures

Cost reduction

reduced doses by an order of magnitude through improved localisation and efficacy

Biocompatible and resorbable

gradually replaced with newly regenerated tissue