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We showcased our innovative clay-gel technology used to aid the healing process of bone fractures at Venturefest South, in Winchester on 9 March 2017 – and gave a full interview explaining our business.


“What prompted you to enter the Innovation Zone? Describe the innovation that you’ve entered with.”

We wanted to showcase our innovations and attract potential investors. Our clay-gel delivery technology combines potent biological agents in a one-step, chemical-free procedure, offering proven localised delivery of those agents, resulting in step-changes in safety and efficacy against the competition. This will mean patients are treated more easily, cost-effectively and safely. Initially, we are targeting our innovation to the healing of bone fractures.

“How would you describe that to a novice?”

Our clay-gel drug delivery technology can be injected to the site of a bone fracture to accelerate the healing process. It does this through a controlled and focused release of a range of agents that help the bone to heal. The innovation of the clay-gel delivery technology is the way it combines powerful biological agents with the clay in a proprietary, one-step procedure, without the need for complex chemical or physical methods. Because the clay-gel has controlled and focused release of the agents it offers a step-change in the safety and effectiveness of these agents compared to the current competition, which means patients will be treated more easily, cost-effectively and safely.

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