pipette and gel

We are excited to announce that we have launched our grant from Innovate UK!

Innovate UK is a public body that aims to support the development of science and technology businesses towards commercial success. Helping with company launch or growth through funding and connections, the UK’s innovation agency identifies and fosters innovation in specific areas of interest that promote economic growth.

Our grant has been provided for innovation in Health and Life Sciences, which addresses ideas that will improve, amongst others, healthcare in the UK.

At Renovos, the Innovate UK grant will help us to bring research developments from University of Southampton research groups into the hospital clinic. We’ll begin by advancing work with our nanoclay gel technology that aims to promote faster and more efficient bone healing. This will open up a very real path to regenerative medicine therapies and helping your body to heal itself! It will be thrilling to see our biomaterial be translated into a commercial product for bone healing through Renovos! Excitingly, we have the potential in the future to develop our nanoclay to aid with many more clinical problems, such as within drug delivery.

We are delighted to start this project, would like to thank Innovate UK and look forward to updating you all on our progress in the near future!