Three new nanoclay publications out this year!

Nature Communications magazine featuring Renovos

Key read for nanoclays in drug delivery – group’s new publication on nanoclay in Nature Communications! The paper, which can be found here, reports on the use of bisphosphonate interactions with nanoclay edges to make drug-loaded composites without compromising materials properties or drug loading, which has been a common trade-off to date.

The Biofabrication paper, which can be found here, presents the in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo investigation of bioprinted skeletal or mesenchymal cells encapsulated in a nanoclay-based bioink. This produces viable and functional three-dimensional constructs for clinically relevant skeletal tissue regeneration.

Complexities of bringing small scale stem cell and scaffold therapies to a clinically relevant model, with an example of an ovine condyle defect model, are described in the Biomaterials publication, which can be found here. The study reports on the enriched ovine skeletal stem cell population (Stro-4+) and its efficacy for bone formation using a novel biocompatible melt electro-written medical grade polycaprolactone scaffold.