Renovos Biologics has appointed Patrick O’Donnell as Advisor to the Board

Patrick O'Donnell

Patrick O’Donnell

Previously a General Manager and Executive Vice-President of North America for BoneSupport A.B.,  CEO at Proteothera, Inc, Histogenics Corporation, Prochon-BioTech, and in commercial roles of escalating management responsibility at Confluent Surgical Inc. and J & J DePuy-Spine, Patrick has a wealth of experience in the medical device, biologics, and biomaterials industries with technologies in the orthopedic, spine, neurosurgery, sports medicine, interventional radiology markets.

As an executive officer of biosurgery and medical device companies, he has created the strategy, built and led the commercial organizations, and raised capital (over $80M) to fund and execute the product development and clinical programs towards regulatory milestones.

With a passion for outstanding technologies in the orthobiologics space, Patrick will contribute to Renovos’ strategy for nanoclay commercialisation.

It is exciting for Renovos to welcome someone with such experience and enthusiasm for our Renovite nanoclay technology and we are looking forward to not only working with Patrick but also to the advances we can make with his support.

Impact White Paper

injectable nanoclay

Harnessing clay for regenerative medicine

An Impact white paper


Jon Dawson and Richard Oreffo have written a white paper on the nanoclay platform for Impact. In particular they share their thoughts and experiences with the nanoclay platform. Such as how the nanoclay platform can and will be used in the regenerative medicine field.

This Impact white paper provides an exciting overview into the technology. Furthermore, should you be more interested do visit our technical papers page.

The ESPRC and Innovate UK have provided funding to Jon Dawson and Richard Oreffo. Because of this funding research was able to be carried out to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the nanoclay platform.

Harnessing Clay for Regenerative Medicine PDF download
A white paper discussing the field of regenerative medicine, and the usefulness, current limitation of, and future of the nanoclay platform.