Professor Richard Oreffo contributes to Bone series as guest editor

R C Oreffo and diagram of article for Bone Series

A new series of articles covering scaffolds and applications for bone regeneration and tissue engineering has been published in a Special Issue “VSI: Bone Regeneration” in the journal Bone with Guest Editors, our co-founder Richard OC Oreffo and Jill Cornish.

As the editors state, the current unmet need for simple cost-effective approaches translatable to the clinic to replace bone lost as a consequence of age or disease emphasise the importance of skeletal tissue engineering. Nevertheless, despite extensive in vitro and in vivo work, few strategies have routinely translated into clinical practice. While skeletal tissue regeneration promises to deliver specifiable replacement skeletal tissues with significant health care benefits therein and socio-economic benefits, a number of challenges remain.

The series of articles collated cover recent developments in skeletal biology, skeletal cell populations, biomaterial design, 3D printing, and niche environments for bone reparation. The series also includes work detailing preclinical evaluation, translation, and emerging clinical strategies in tissue regeneration.

The issue is available on ScienceDirect via the following link: