Renovos and its Nanoclay technology reviewed by Orthoworld

Orthoworld magazine

Renovos and our advanced nanoclay biomaterial, Renovite®, has been featured in Orthoworld. The article, “Renovos to Develop Next-Gen Technology to “Tame” BMP-2 Diffusion”, outlines key issues that novel regenerative medicine technologies need to overcome, and how Renovos and our innovative nanoclays address these in order to provide easy to handle, safe, effective and low-cost solutions in regenerative medicine, biologics delivery and orthopaedics. You can learn more about the nanoclay technology here.


Renovos’ orthobiologic nanoclay technology platform, Renovite®, is based on years of academic research. If you are interested in learning more, please find our key research papers here.


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Renovos receives investment for nanoclay innovation from leading medical research charity Orthopaedic Research UK


Renovos has recently been awarded one of the very first charity investments in the UK. In a progressive move to find new ways to support people living with painful and debilitating bone and joint conditions, Orthopaedic Research UK (ORUK), in partnership with healthtech experts HS., has announced a £140,000 investment from the recently launched Ronald Furlong Fund.


Renovos has now raised £700k in equity and grant funding to date to support the development of new nanoclay gel technology Renovite, which has the potential to transform orthopaedic surgery. The gel allows a 100x lower dose of powerful regenerative therapeutic agent to be precisely delivered and localised to the sites where needed, and early trial data demonstrates that it contributes to improved bone healing. This consequently offers a step-change improvement in safety, efficacy and ease of use, as well as reduced adverse events and complications compared with current orthopaedic interventions.


Dr Arash Angadji, CEO of ORUK said:

“We are the first charity supporting start-ups with a focus on musculoskeletal health in the UK. The Ronald Furlong Fund initiative will play an important role in assisting entrepreneurs and innovators to quickly turn ideas into reality, with measurable benefits for the entire healthcare ecosystem.


Effective collaboration with HS. was instrumental in identifying Renovos and their exciting technology, and I am delighted to welcome them as ORUK’s first investment.”


Professor Richard OC Oreffo, Founder and CSO of Renovos said:

“We are delighted to receive support from ORUK, which will aid the development of our next-generation orthopaedic regenerative medicine solutions, harnessing nanoclay gels to deliver bone-forming agents safely and cost-effectively.

“The partnership will significantly enhance Renovos’ ability to further develop innovative technologies to support the ageing population as well as younger, active individuals.”


Bringing Renovos into the HS. portfolio, Founding Partner, Dr. James Somauroo said:

“It quickly became apparent that Renovos has the potential to fundamentally change the way extremely powerful and sometimes harmful drugs are given around bone. During the interview phase, we were impressed by the immense knowledge and expertise of the team and we’re now excited to join the journey and to use our networks to help take them to the next level.”

Renovos’ Renovite is underpinned by decades of pre-clinical research at the University of Southampton and Professor Peter J.S. Smith, Director, Institute for Life Sciences, University of Southampton has praised the innovation for its potential to create positive impact for patients and health systems of the future.

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Innovation Challenge Finalist at RESI Boston


The Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) Conference took place on Wednesday 11th September 2019 in Boston.

The organisers at Life Science Nation (LSN) invite all global early-stage companies across Biotech, Medtech, Diagnostics & Digital Health to apply for the RESI Innovation Challenge and hand-select the 40 most innovative applicants to present their technologies in an exhibition-style format throughout the full-day conference.

As an Innovation Challenge Finalist, Renovos gained exposure to investors, potential partners and other innovators from across the world.

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Agnieszka Janeczeck


Renovos and Caltag at BRS/BORS Cardiff

Renovos stand in Cardiff

Working with Caltag Medsystems at BRS/BORS 2019 to spead the word about Renovos and our mesenchymal stem cell products.

Together with Hannah from Caltag Medsystems, Renovos participated in Bone Research Society and British Orthopaedic Research Society combined conference in Cardiff, where the team had the change to mingle with orthopaedic and musculoskeletal researchers and clinicians.

Renovos provides the wider research community with high quality, bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells from elderly and osteoarthritic donor cohorts.

These cells can be used to test and screen novel drugs and biomaterials as well as provide insights into the biology of the musculoskeletal system.

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Renovos Biologics has appointed Simon Sinclair as non-executive director

Simon Sinclair

Previously in clinical trials at Merck & Co. Inc. and in medical affairs at DePuy Synthes and Johnson & Johnson, Simon is now working in safety and vigilance at RB. This wealth of experience provides Simon with the knowledge within the orthopedic and tissue regeneration fields that Renovos is within, allowing Simon to guide Renovos with its product development, safety testing, clinical trials, and commercialisation.

When asked why he decided to join Renovos – a regenerative medicine start up – Simon responded with “Having contributed to the world of orthopaedic innovation in previous roles, Renovos stood out to me as an exceptional example. What really motivated me to join Renovos was the prospect of realising that innovative potential and bringing safer, better and more cost-effective surgical solutions to patients worldwide.”

It is exciting for Renovos to welcome someone with such experience onto the team and we are looking forward to not only working with Simon but also to the advances we can make with his support.

Impact White Paper

injectable nanoclay

Harnessing clay for regenerative medicine

An Impact white paper


Jon Dawson and Richard Oreffo have written a white paper on the nanoclay platform for Impact. In particular they share their thoughts and experiences with the nanoclay platform. Such as how the nanoclay platform can and will be used in the regenerative medicine field.

This Impact white paper provides an exciting overview into the technology. Furthermore, should you be more interested do visit our technical papers page.

The ESPRC and Innovate UK have provided funding to Jon Dawson and Richard Oreffo. Because of this funding research was able to be carried out to ensure the maximum effectiveness of the nanoclay platform.

Harnessing Clay for Regenerative Medicine PDF download
A white paper discussing the field of regenerative medicine, and the usefulness, current limitation of, and future of the nanoclay platform.

Renovos at The Royal Society of Chemistry

exhibit stand

On the 15th October Renovos took part in a Royal Society of Chemistry event called Chemistry means Business. This event is the flagship event for companies which are around Renovos’ size across the UK and Europe. Within the Chemistry means business competition Renovos were finalists in the Health category of the Emerging technologies competition.

This provided a great opportunity for Renovos to show off it’s products of skeletal stem cells, and nanoclays, as well as Renovos’ future plans. Interact with other companies around our size, and learn more about the field.

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Renovos Launches Innovate UK Grant!

pipette and gel

We are excited to announce that we have launched our grant from Innovate UK!

Innovate UK is a public body that aims to support the development of science and technology businesses towards commercial success. Helping with company launch or growth through funding and connections, the UK’s innovation agency identifies and fosters innovation in specific areas of interest that promote economic growth.

Our grant has been provided for innovation in Health and Life Sciences, which addresses ideas that will improve, amongst others, healthcare in the UK.

At Renovos, the Innovate UK grant will help us to bring research developments from University of Southampton research groups into the hospital clinic. We’ll begin by advancing work with our nanoclay gel technology that aims to promote faster and more efficient bone healing. This will open up a very real path to regenerative medicine therapies and helping your body to heal itself! It will be thrilling to see our biomaterial be translated into a commercial product for bone healing through Renovos! Excitingly, we have the potential in the future to develop our nanoclay to aid with many more clinical problems, such as within drug delivery.

We are delighted to start this project, would like to thank Innovate UK and look forward to updating you all on our progress in the near future!